Beard Oil of the Month

Beard Oil of the Month

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Nestled deep in the French countryside, legend has it, lies a vineyard dating back to before the French Revolution. Nobody knows much about its history. But they do about its wines. In fact, it’s rumored that once a year, its secretive owner opens the doors to an elite group of the world’s richest and most eccentric gentlemen — for a private tasting of the year’s newest vintage.

The catch? Only twelve bottles are produced every year… and they’re never sold again. Once a wine has been sampled, those flavors will never be tasted by human palate again — a masterpiece of class, lost to history forever.

Now, we don’t make wine. But when we heard of this legend, we decided to pay our own tribute to this phenomenon — with our new Scent of the Month. Unlike our other fragrances, our Scent of the Month is a fresh, new concoction available for one month only. Once a scent is gone, it will never again be made. So not only will you smell like no man has ever smelled before. But you will smell like no man will ever smell again.

Elegant intrigue. Ultimate individuality. A scent literally unlike any other. Noble Grooming’s Beard Oil of the Month.


Currently Beard Oil of the Month:TIMBER

Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba Oil), Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil (Grape Seed Oil), Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (Hemp Seed Oil), Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (Castor See Oil), Fragrance (Essential Oils)

Essential Oil Used: Orange, Cedarwood and Tea Tree

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