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When you use a Noble Grooming beard product, there are some things you might notice.

You might notice a beard that’s full and healthy, yet comfortable and manageable. You might notice your woman can’t resist the soft, irresistible feel of your face. You might notice the classy, refined air you’ll begin to project to your acquaintances. And you might notice that it makes taking care of your beard almost too easy.

But what you won’t notice is just how many hours of blood, sweat and toil it took to make all that happen.

So sit down, pour yourself a scotch, and we’ll tell you all about how that fine bottle in your hands came to be.


The Noble Grooming Story

Noble Grooming Story

It all starts with our founder, the original Nobleman, Mitch Barham.

Not much is known about his past, but rumors abound in hushed tones.

Some say that he can cut down a tree faster than any man alive. Others insist that he once defeated a grizzly bear in an arm wrestle. And yet others claim that he can pinpoint the country of origin of a whiskey at a single taste.

We can’t know for sure. But we do know one thing: he’s been a bearded man ever since he could grow a beard.

But with great beards come great challenges. And our legendary founder soon discovered what every bearded man knows only too well.

Dryness. Itching. Coarse hairs. Dandruff. The curses of bearded men everywhere.
In desperation, he turned to product after product, hoping to find the wonder cure that would render his beard soft, healthy and manageable. But although brand after brand made bold promises on the label… they all failed to deliver. Was there no hope for bearded men?

Years passed with no luck. Perhaps an ordinary man would have given up.
But our founder is no ordinary man.

And so he decided that, if there was no beard oil that met his high standards, he would make his own.

In the months to come, he talked to as many like-minded bearded men as he could find. He educated himself on the science of proper beard care. He searched the globe for the finest materials he could get his hands on.

And with an armful of oils and scents, his hard-won knowledge, and years of beard experience, he stepped into the lab… and got to work.

We’ll spare you the details of those long, sleepless nights, failed tests, and weeks of frustration spent getting it right. Suffice it to say that nothing great in history has ever come easy.

But when he finally created that first successful blend… one might also say nothing in history has ever smelt so good.

And thus, the very first Noble Grooming beard oil was born.

Since then, not much has changed at Noble. Every single beard oil we create is the result of weeks upon weeks of research, craftsmanship, testing and refinement. We continue to source the best ingredients and refine the mixtures until they’re absolutely perfect. And we still test them on real bearded men for look, feel and scent. Each of our products is an expert blend of all-natural ingredients, modern science, bearded wisdom and tireless refinement.

But above all, at Noble Grooming, we have one simple rule that guides everything we create: we’ll never release a product our founder wouldn’t use himself.

So you can rest assured that that bottle in your hands is something our founder would use on his very own beard.

It’s the result of hundreds of hours that we’ve put into caring for your beard—so you don’t have to.

So if you’re ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with scores of satisfied bearded men, you can check out our range of beard oils, beard balms and beard combs right here. You’ll notice the difference.

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