The Best Sports For Beards

Posted on 07 February 2017

The Best Sports For Beards

Beards seem to be enjoying a resurgence in the sports realm. It seems like more and more we are seeing some impressive beards popping up on our favorite players’ faces. Not every sport seems like it’s the right venue for bearded players though. Somehow there seems to be an unspoken rule or under-the-surface standard on where beards are most appropriate. Or at least beards seem to stand out more in certain sports over others.

So, we’ve compiled a list of sports that showcase players’ beards most excellently in all their masculine glory.


Baseball Beards

Somewhere along the line in history baseball seemed to become the sport that hosted a vast assortment of hair styles. It’s almost become a baseball tradition for dudes to proudly wear their crazy, often times haphazard locks. Fortunately, it’s also a fertile breeding ground for some killer beards as well.

Of course, the first name that comes to mind when thinking about baseball and beards is Brian Wilson. He wears his pseudo-Leonidas black beauty like a champ. Whether he dyes it to get that blacker-than-night color or not, you’ve got to hand it to him that he looks pretty beastly.

But baseball is home to many other bearded legends as well. We can’t forget to mention stand-out beardsmen like Pedro Alvarez, Jonny Gomes, Mike Napoli, Brian Schlitter, Danny Espinosa (holy smokes, that stache!) and many others.

And forget aerodynamics. These dudes’ beards probably act as sails in the wind, propelling them to blistering speeds around the diamond.


Brett Keisel

Ahh, football. The sport that the good ol’ U.S. of A. is probably most well known for. Beefy dudes smashing into each other, kicking and throwing stuff. The perfect breeding ground for some manly, gnarly beards. And it’s no wonder, since the testosterone surging through these guys must be like rocket fuel for beard growth.

Similarly to baseball, football seems to be a melting pot of many styles of hair and beards. You’ll find all kinds of shapes and sizes: long, short, scraggly, clean, immaculately-shaped, wild and crazy. Whatever your flavor, you’ll fit right in with the NFL.

 Some notable mentions are Brett Keisel, Antonio Garay, Matt Light, and Eric Weddle, among many others.


Bearded Rugby Player

Kinda like football, but not, rugby has some of the most feared beards in sports. Seeing a monster beard on a rugby player makes it easy to imagine primitive sports that must have been played during more savage times: grecian figures fighting for dominance, slinging blood, sweat, and snot over an untended, uneven field, bones being broken, teeth getting knocked out, and thick beards on glorious display.

 Wait… that’s pretty much rugby anyway. Well, you don’t need much imagination then.

There’s little that’s more intimidating than stout muscular fellows with various thick accents and wiry, face-engulfing beards smashing into each other at full speed, without the protection of safety equipment or padding. These gentlemen have earned their facial hair, and we admire them for it.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mike Beltran

MMA is brutal enough, but it’s masculinity is further enhanced by the inclusion of some mean beards. How could a hulking man built from nearly all muscle with fists of steel and a stare that could freeze your soul be any more intimidating than he already is? By wearing a beard, of course.

A beard on an MMA fighter seems to give him a touch more class. Sure, he’s beating his opponent to a bloody pulp in a caged arena, but there’s something about a warrior wearing a mug-rug that makes you feel the need to tip your hat to him more than others. Even Charles Bronson, the famous temper-challenged, knuckle-bashing English criminal, commands some decency and respect with his manly mustache.


Bearded Hockey Player

In a sense, hockey is kinda like MMA. You go to a hockey game to see a fight, and every once in awhile a hockey game breaks out. And hockey’s got some great beards that are proportional to its violence and intensity.

Not only is it appropriate for a hockey player to have a beard matching his ferociousness, but the beard is probably also a good idea for safety’s sake. With hard rubber hockey pucks flying around, sometimes at face-level, it’s probably prudent to have some kind of buffer that protects the part of the player’s face that isn’t covered by the helmet and face guard.

Another practical use for facial hair in hockey is pretty obvious: keeping the player’s face warm. Hockey players are zooming through consistently cold conditions so those with sufficient beards are probably a lot more comfortable. They should check out our Winter Beard Care Guide.

Taking One For The Team

Beards seem to be a magical ingredient in the allure of sports. Just think about how many players are known and loved for their awesome face carpets. You’ve probably never heard someone comment on a player’s clean shaven face, right? Beards just stand out, no matter what you’re doing. But they especially enhance our enjoyment of sports. They just further reinforce the appearance of manliness and even chivalry. And those are things that we’re seeing less of in our modern times. So we need dudes repping our gentlemanness. And what better stage to show it off than that of sports?


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