The Best Groomed Bearded Cities In America

Posted on 27 March 2017

The Best Groomed Bearded Cities In America

Sometimes it seems like there aren’t many things that transcend different races, cultural values, religions, morals, political associations or generations. But there is one thing that nearly every man can have in common: a beard.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing? And in the USA we’re blessed to have quite a diversity of beards all across our diverse country. From the west coast to the east coast you’ll find beards in every city, town, and village.

But what are some of the more notable bearded cities in America? Let’s find out.

New York City, New York

Bearded Guy in New York

Likely one of the most diverse cities in the USA, New York City is a breeding ground for some awesome beards. Here you’ll find beards of all shapes, sizes, and colors on dudes of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Not only stylish, but beards worn here are practical as well. The east coast gets some seriously chilly winters. People there know how important it is to bundle up from the bottom of their feet to the top of their heads. This of course includes the essentials like leather shoes, heavy pants, sweaters, overcoats, scarves, and beanies. But New York’s men have an extra source of warmth: their beards.

You won’t need to be in NYC too long to see a vast array of facial hair aficionados: just take to walking the streets and you’ll see plenty of beardsmen out and about.

Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon Sunset

Often considered to be the birthplace of the modern hipster, Portland has beards to go around for everybody. Whether or not you share the same counter-cultural values and retro style as many of Portland’s residents, you’ll still be right at home with a beard.

In fact you’d probably be more out of place walking the streets there with a clean-shaven mug.

Additionally, Portland is a great place to get inspiration if you’re looking for a fresh facial hair style. Just hit up one of its many organic cafes, grab a few shots of espresso, sit down and just start looking around. At nearly every table you’ll find plenty of ideas for the perfect beard. Just whip out your rangefinder film camera and snap some photos for inspiration when you’re ready to go to work on your face carpet.

San Francisco, California

Bearded Man at Golden Gate Bridge

Similar to Portland for its younger, independently-minded demographic, but more of a high-income bracket, San Fran is for sure a well-bearded city.

You’ll find two types of dudes sporting beards here: young, educated professionals with an often eccentric aesthetic, and well-off, aging baby boomers who like to feel like they’ve still got their ideological ties to hippie culture. And whether it’s for looking professional or appearing rich, you can bet that most beards you see here are gonna be slick and well groomed.

Whoever’s face they live on, beards are readily visible in this fast-moving city, so you’re sure to blend right in whether you’re visiting or living there.

Austin, Texas

Austin Texas Sunset

Everything is big in Texas. And the same goes for their beards.

You’ll probably be hard pressed to find a city in ‘Merica with more beards per capita than in Austin. Texans love their freedom, their guns, their belt buckles, and their beards. Austin is just about the biggest epicenter for beards and cowboys you’ll ever mosey into.

And we aren’t talking hipster pencil mustaches. No, sir, them boys mean business. Go big, go home, or shave it off.

Los Angeles, California

Bearded Man in Los Angeles

Like its east coast counterpart, L.A. is home to a lot of people. And wherever you find a lot of people, you’re bound to find a lot of beards.

Sure, you’ll find plenty of off-the-job bearded Hollywood stars who let it grow in between movies, but you might be surprised to see tons of everyday people wearing their facial hair proudly. L.A. is full of people of all different walks of life, and as we know, any man can have a beard, no matter his station.

Unlike some of America’s colder cities, L.A. residents don’t have to worry much about chilly weather, even in the dead of winter. So when you see a dude with a beard, you know he wears it proudly. Especially during those hot, muggy summers where having a beard makes you run hotter. L.A. boys have our respect.

From California to the New York Island

Since you’ll find beards in any city you visit in the U.S., we could go on and on. But just know for certain that in these cities we’ve listed, all kinds of beards are on glorious display. Keep it up, fellow beardsmen.

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