Do Beard Growth Supplements Actually Work?

Posted on 16 May 2017

Do Beard Growth Supplements Actually Work?

Ok, let’s get this out of the way. Do vitamins that promise to give you thicker, more uniform, luscious facial hair actually do what they claim to, yes, or no?


Seriously. So how are there so many different options out there for beard growth supplements? Well, it’s because there are guys who are desperate to have a great beard (and who can blame them?) and they’re bombarded with miracle vitamins and loads of testimonials from “happy customers”. So they buy the supplements, and continue to fuel the market.

But here’s something that you’ll have a really hard time finding on these websites that sell you beard growth vitamins, supplements, or creams:

Actual evidence?

See for yourself. Search Google, open up 10 tabs of different beard growth vitamins for sale, and skim through their pages looking for any supporting scientific evidence (not anecdotal, and not testimonial). Look for a link to a study on how vitamins increase beard growth. Look for a quote from a dermatologist that plainly says that this stuff really works.

You won’t find it.

Well, maybe there are studies out there that find correlations between certain vitamins and enhanced beard growth?

Search for that too. Head over to Google Scholar (which searches through scholarly/academic/scientific articles, rather than just any webpage on the internet) and try some search phrases like:

  • “Beard growth vitamins”
  • “Facial hair growth”
  • “Beard growth biotin”

You’ll have a really difficult time finding articles that even include all the words from your search phrases, let alone any kind of correlation between vitamins and increased beard growth.

There are also claims that increasing testosterone levels will assist in augmenting beard growth. This makes intuitive sense, right? More testosterone = more masculine = more beard. Well… not so much.

Most normally healthy dudes actually have similar levels of testosterone (even if some display more “manly” characteristics). If you lack a thick beard, it probably isn’t due to low testosterone levels. If you did have low testosterone, you’d be suffering from some more severe symptoms, like lower muscle mass, infertility, erectile dysfunction, and even increased breast tissue development.

Maybe you’ve heard of guys experiencing fuller facial hair by using products on their beard like shampoo with melatonin, or even applying rogaine to their face? Sure, there are some cases where those topical treatments enhance beard thickness a little bit.

But here’s the catch: the increased hair thickness only lasts as long as those substances are being applied. Additionally, they don’t stimulate increased hair growth (no “extra” hair begins to grow), but rather they only slightly thicken up existing hairs.

So what options does a guy with a patchy or nonexistent beard have for growing a more beastly one? Well, sorry gentlemen, not many (unless you want to invest a decent chunk of money into beard implants… seriously, it’s a thing now).

As of right now, you’re pretty much captive to your genetics.

The thickness of a man’s beard is primarily decided by his genes. Just like there’s no way to increase your height, there’s really not much you can do to grow a better beard if you aren’t already endowed with one. And it’s pretty hard to fight against your genetics when it comes to physical attributes.

Have you ever heard of any vitamins or supplements that make you have a deeper voice? Probably not. It’s the same thing -- your DNA determines how deep your voice is, how tall you are, what color your eyes are, and how thick your beard will grow.

Now, there are a few things you can do to support your body in growing the best, healthiest beard it can:

  • Keep stress levels low (increased stress causes you to lose hairs)
  • Eat a healthy diet (certain foods like red meat and leafy greens help hair grow)
  • Get good sleep (your beard grows the most while you sleep)

These things aren’t a miracle recipe for growing a thicker beard, but they have been shown to keep your beard nice and healthy.

So what’s the moral of the story here? Well, when it comes to beard growth vitamins, you’re pretty much looking at the classic snake oil trick. Yes, you will hear people talk about the success they’ve experienced with these supplements, but usually they already have a pretty decent beard or they’re trying to make themselves feel better about dropping $50 on a bottle of rebranded multi-vitamins.

Maybe someday in the future there really will be a safe, effective beard growth option for our more thinly-bearded brothers, but for now, do what you can to rock what you’ve got. Stay classy, gentlemen. Protection Status

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