5 Ways Having a Beard Changes a Man

Posted on 21 February 2017

5 Ways Having a Beard Changes a Man

There are many major life experiences that mold, shape, and forge a boy into the mature, wise, fearless man that he’s meant to be: Going to war. Raising a family. Mastering a career. Growing a beard.

That’s right. Sporting a beard isn’t merely a stylistic or aesthetic choice. It’s a life-altering journey of maturity and growth that under-girds a man’s fundamental masculinity. Let’s see how having a beard supercharges your manliness and enhances your day-to-day life.

The majority of men feel that a beard makes them more attractive.

Bearded Man with Two Girls

Over half of men polled in a New York survey reported that having a beard makes them feel more attractive. That’s no wonder. How could an increased perception of masculinity and strength make you feel less than absolutely dashing? This is further solidified by 55% of those surveyed reporting that they received compliments on their facial hair. That means intrigued people engaging with you simply because you let your face naturally do its thing. Who wouldn’t be flattered by that?

Feeling more attractive causes you to feel more confident as well. Feeling more confident leads to a better work ethic, stronger relationships, and more determination to accomplish your goals. Feeling more attractive isn’t just about attracting more women, but it has further reaching positive effects in every area of your life. So start your day with a bang, beard-first.

Women perceive men with beards more positively.

Bearded Man having Fun with a Girl

In a study conducted by the University of New South Wales, women were shown photos of men through various stages of their facial hair growth. The pictures displayed four stages: clean shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble, and full beard. Most women selected the heavy stubble phase as the “most attractive”. However, they perceived the full beard stage to be the most mature, masculine, reliable, and most likely to be good fathers.

Although not every woman finds beards attractive, many of those who don’t can’t help but be at least somewhat fascinated by facial hair. Whether it’s societal or genetic, people by and large perceive men with beards as more trustworthy, wise, and mature. And that can’t hurt your image.

Additionally, in today’s society where men are appearing more and more androgynous and feminine (due to clothing, hair, and overall style choices), having a beard can help a man to stand out in a sea of confusion. A beard boldly states your masculinity immediately and clearly.

Men with beards feel more respectable.

Bearded Business Man

What does a man absolutely need in any relationship, whether with his wife, boss, coworkers, or buddies? Respect. Without it we feel crushed and worthless. Respect motivates a man to do extraordinary and honorable things. It is the fuel that powers his selflessness, bravery, and work ethic. And men with beards feel more respected.

Just ask yourself, who would you be more likely to respect at first glance: a bare-faced boy? Or a fully-bearded gentleman? You may even find it hard to think of a man with a beard that you don’t respect. Even if you don’t like him, you likely respect him.

Beards have a mysterious quality that evokes respect from people around you more quickly than a clean face. You see a man with facial hair, and you expect him to have a firm handshake. A successful job. A wise and experienced mind. A twinkle in his eye.

It’s not that clean shaven men are any less deserving of respect or admiration. But a bearded face simply invites people’s respect more immediately upon first impression.

Beards protect your face from damage, disease, and decline.

Snowy Beard

You may be surprised to hear that beards are proven to provide many health benefits to the wearer as well. Think of it this way: when you ship a fragile package, what do you do to ensure it is protected during the journey? You put it into a box so it’s not exposed to the elements. You wrap it in padding so it doesn’t break. You tape it up so that no outside intruder can break in and destroy. Well, your beard performs the exact same functions for your face.

The skin on our faces is less calloused than other areas and is more susceptible to damage. Plus, it’s being assaulted nearly all day, every day by sun, wind, dryness, bacteria, etc., whereas most other areas of skin are protected by clothing.

A full beard helps your face fight cancer. Yes, cancer. A decently thick beard can block up to 95% of dangerous UV rays from abusing your jaw, chin, and lips. It also helps keep your skin youthful and strong, because by keeping your face out of the sun, it reduces the formation of wrinkles and blemishes. Who would’ve thought your masculinity-carpet keeps you alive longer.

Skipping the razor can alleviate many unhealthy side effects of shaving.

Our faces aren’t naturally adapted to shaving with a razor. Therefore, a close shave can actually cause your skin to react in a harmful way that leaves your face chapped and dry.

Razor shaving hits your face with a one-two punch. By removing hair so close to the skin, follicles are opened up and so become susceptible to invasion by dirt and bacteria. Additionally, shaving can spread bacteria across your skin, which lodges itself into your follicles like a soldier hunkering down in a foxhole. This can cause painful, ugly acne, which further degrades your manliness.

And get this: if you start shaving at the age of 15, and shave for 55 years, you’ll have spent about 139 full days shaving. That’s 24-hour days. That’s 3,336 hours you could be spending sharpening your ax to a microscopic edge, off-roading the entire length of the Americas, or summiting the tallest mountain peaks on the globe.

Persevere For Greatness

So truly, having a beard really is a life altering experience. Embarking upon the beard growing excursion will be like growing through life with a close friend, one that’s been a soldier by your side from the scrappy beginning, through the itchy and miserable thickets, and onto mature, stable glory. Be strong in the fight, beardsmen. You won’t regret it.

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