Does Beard Oil Work?

Posted on 26 April 2016

Does Beard Oil Work?

The question was bound to come up. Presumably, you’ve heard about beard oil, and the tales that seem too good to be true. Of a beard that doesn’t itch. Of the women who swoon at your presence. Of the respect you’ll experience from your friends. Of the feeling of style and self-confidence you’ll have. But are they real? Can an oil really give you those things?


Well, we can’t speak for other companies. And if an unscrupulous fellow were to buy olive oil and tea tree oil from the supermarket and try and sell it online, it obviously would not work. But at Noble Grooming, where we use only the finest ingredients and spend hundreds of hours agonizing over the perfect blend, we know our beard oils work. So if you’re not yet convinced of the wonders of beard oil, here’s three reasons you should be.


Reason 1: It makes sense.

Man Itching Beard

We’ll start with the theoretical: why does the skin under a beard flake and itch? The reason is that as your beard grows, the hairs act as a sort of wick — in other words, they conduct moisture away from the skin beneath them. This causes the skin to become dry, which in turn leads to flaking and irritation — a scourge only too familiar to bearded men. What’s more, once the skin is dried and damaged like this, the hair itself suffers, since its own roots are in such poor condition. The result is an itchy, unsightly beard that doesn’t look good and is hard to manage.


A beard oil solves this conundrum in a most fine manner: by moisturizing and sealing the hair and skin, they won’t dehydrate. For you, this leads to a beard that’s soft, manageable, and comfortable.


Reason 2: History has proven it.

Old Mortar

Of course, theory is a wonderful thing; but a real man not only knows how an axe works, but he can use it to cut down a tree. So do we have demonstrated proof of beard oils working? Again, we can’t speak for all beard oil companies. But we use the finest carrier oils money can buy. This includes high quality ingredients of jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, and castor oil to name a few. And it turns out that each of these oils have been used widely throughout history — and praised for their beneficial effects on skin and hair health over the millennia. Of course, that’s not a surprise to us at all: we picked them for a reason. But now you know why they’re in there. It’s not just for show: we use carrier oils with a track record of hair and skin care, and mix them in the perfect blend to keep your beard healthy.


Reason 3: Thousands of satisfied beardsmen can’t be wrong.

Beard Collage

Now, you may still be cynical. You might not be convinced by the explanations of a beard oil company on the theory behind why a beard oil works, or our claim that the oils have been used through the ages. Fine; we don’t blame you. But we would direct your attention to the myriad beardsmen around the world today who swear by beard oil as a godsend for their beard. A quick look around the internet will reveal scores of men singing the praises of whatever oil they’ve managed to get their hands on. It seems to us that there must be something good about this beard oil thing.


Ultimately, though, it doesn’t matter what other men think. The surest way to know whether a beard oil is for you is to try it on your very own beard and see what happens. We’re not saying you’ll definitely feel like twice the man the day you start using it. We’re not saying you’ll definitely turn the head of every un-bearded man you walk past. And we’re not saying that you’ll definitely have women pushing to get in the elevator with you. But if you use a Noble Grooming oil, it’s pretty damn likely.


Of course, nothing good in history was achieved by men reading online articles all day. So quit hesitating, and order yourself a bottle of premium beard oil right now — and you’ll find one that suits you. And who knows — soon enough, you might well be one of those satisfied bearded gentlemen singing the praises of beard oil yourself. Protection Status

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