How To Properly Groom And Maintain A Beard

Posted on 20 April 2016

How To Properly Groom And Maintain A Beard

Perhaps you chose to grow a beard because you wanted to look stylish. Or refined. Or handsome. Or manly. And rest assured, a well-maintained beard is all these things and more. But what some new beardsmen sometimes miss is that with great beardedness comes great responsibility. And oftentimes, we see the tragic case of a beardsman growing out his face without even knowing how to maintain a beard — let alone how to groom a beard. Gentlemen, this simply will not do.


No — at Noble Grooming, we’re champions of the beard done right. We spend hours and hours on creating the very finest beard oils in the world, because we care about beards. And it’s that same devotion to good style and beard form that we’ve prepared this short guide for new beardsmen. So give us five minutes of your morning, and we’ll tell you five of our most important tips on how to properly maintain a beard.


Pick a style that suits.

Bearded Man In Suit

No matter how good your beard care, if your beard does not complement your face and naturally endowed follicular characteristics, good style will be nigh on impossible to achieve. Think of Abraham Lincoln with stubble, or Shakespeare with a neck beard. Would these men have the same legendary psyche with such unsuitable facial hair? We doubt it. And so we encourage you to consult our guides on goatee styles and beard styles — so that you, too, can sport a beard that enhances your style.


Healthy body, healthy beard.

Bearded Man Working Out

Your beard is an extension of your body. So it stands to reason that a poor diet and lifestyle will be reflected in a poor beard. Of course, there are more reasons than your beard to live a healthy lifestyle; and it’s hard to deny the stylishness of a man who’s in good shape. But even if only for the sake of your beard, a good diet, proper exercise regimen and lots of sleep are instrumental to good growth. High-protein, well-balanced and vitamin-rich foods like eggs, vegetables and lean meats are a good place to start. And what’s more, you’ll probably enjoy a longer life expectancy to boot — meaning more years to enjoy your stylish beard.


Keep it well trimmed.

Well Trimmed Beard

Nothing says unstylish like a wild, ill-defined beard. And perhaps some appreciate the uncivilized look of an untamed beard; but at Noble Grooming, that’s not how we do things. So make sure to constantly keep an eye on your beard’s edges and keep everything clean and proper. If you need more guidance on exactly how and how often, we’ve put together a guide on how to trim a beard. Follow that, and you’ll forever be a bastion of true gentlemanly class.


Wash like your pride depends on it.

Beard Washing

Just like the above, a good beard is a well-washed beard. As a man of refinement, it’s on you to uphold chivalry; and to be frank, making your woman go anywhere near a dirty or unwashed beard is not chivalry. And you won’t be impressing anyone with a beard that’s obviously unkempt and poorly-maintained. So when it comes to your beard, wash like your pride depends on it. Because it does.


Use the best beard oil you can buy.

Noble Grooming Beard Oils

If you do all the above, you might have a pretty good beard. But quite frankly, if ‘pretty good’ was your goal, you could have just shaved it all off with a razor and been done with it. The fact that you’re wearing a beard shows you’re playing a different game; and if you want to win, you have to give yourself every advantage you can muster. With a beard, you can enjoy acclaim, good looks, and adoration from your woman; but you’re going to need a little help. A good beard oil is designed to condition your beard to look its best — and make it smell incredible to boot. We’ve written about how to use beard oil elsewhere; but suffice it to say that if you’re not using a good beard oil, your beard is not as good as it could be. 

So there you have it — five tips that, if followed, will give you the beard you always imagined you’d have. Growing a beard isn’t easy, and without the proper care, it’s not going to be a pleasant journey. But with the proper grooming and maintenance, you too can enjoy a beard that will stand the test of time, and earn admiration for years to come. Protection Status

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