What Does Beard Oil Do?

Posted on 12 April 2016

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Beard oil stands amongst the axe, the telegraph and the automobile as one of the most ingenious inventions known to man. Its effects on beard health and attractiveness are renowned the world over by scores of stylish bearded men. But whether you’re a newcomer to the beard oil scene, or you’re a devoted user but don’t understand the science behind why it works, we’ve got you covered. Grab a strong drink, and we’ll run you through the basics of what beard oils do.


How Beard Oil Is Made

Beard Oil Being Made

To start, we need to go through what beard oils actually are. Fundamentally, beard oils are made by adding a combination of essential oils — potent, aromatic oils with specific scents and health benefits — to one or more carrier oils, which dilute and moderate the mixture. By adjusting the ingredients and their proportions, skilled craftsmen can tailor beard oils to have a wide range of scents and health benefits. For gentlemen who have a true interest in the constitution and formulation of beard oils, we’ve compiled a short guide, What Is Beard Oil?, where we go into detail on how beard oils are made. But for now, this working understanding should suffice.


How Beard Oil Works

Beard With Beard Oil

All right, we hear you ask. It’s fine to know what’s in beard oil; but how does it work? Very well. But to understand how beard oil works, it’s helpful to understand what it fight against. As a bearded man, you will be familiar with the woes that plague you. Is your beard often dry or wiry? Is the skin underneath dry? Does it itch and flake? You’re not alone, beardsman. What happens is that the hairs in your beard end up drawing moisture out of the skin beneath them — leaving first the skin dry, and then the hairs themselves in their wake. The result, as you are all too aware, is a dry beard, and irritated skin.

So, how does beard oil help? A good beard oil contains, in its carrier and essential oils, essential vitamins and oils for healthy hair and skin. By applying a few drops onto a dried out beard, a beardsman is able to correct the imbalance of natural oils, and moisturize the skin and beard — reducing those unpleasant symptoms of beard growth.


Benefits of Beard Oil

Happy Man With Beard

 Of course, this is just one of the benefits of using a beard oil. Moisturizing the skin and beard leads to elimination of itching, beard dandruff, and dry skin. The effect on the beard itself is also notable: it reduces scratchiness, and leaves the beard soft, shiny, smooth, and (depending on the oil) pleasantly scented.

In fact, the scent of a good beard oil is one of the main reasons beard oils are so popular. By combining different essential oils, beard oils can carry hundreds of different fragrances which render a beard not only more manageable, but also much nicer smelling. Not only is this a benefit for the wearer — but it’s a definite plus for the ladies, commonly known as one of the biggest obstacles to growing a beard. And anything that eliminates opposition to beards is a plus in our book.


Who Needs Beard Oil

Crazy Beard

So, who needs beard oil? Is it an eccentric good, designed only for a select few? Is it only suitable for certain types of beard? Is it better to just leave one’s beard as ‘nature’ intended? The answer to all these is, quite emphatically, no. Because to be blunt, nature doesn’t do a very good job of keeping a stylish beard. That’s our responsibility. So beard oil is a valuable and worthwhile investment for every beardsman — whether it’s the one-month beard novice or the forty-year bearded veteran, beard oil can mitigate the issues of growing a beard at any stage of the process.


A Final Word

Of course, it would be remiss to finish a discussion about beard oil without one critical piece of advice: always use a high-quality, reputable beard oil. Lower quality or imitation oils can have no effect — or even worse, cause even more irritation than was originally there. Frankly, gentlemen, if you’re going to grow a beard, there are no half measures. Invest in a high quality beard oil, and your beard will thank you for it. And when it comes to quality beard oils, Noble Grooming are simply the best there are. Our premium beard oils are crafted from the finest ingredients, to make sure every drop is as powerful as it can be. So remember — invest in the best you can, and your beard will thank you for it. Protection Status

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