How To Grow A Beard

Posted on 25 March 2016

How To Grow A Beard

There are several defining moments in a man’s life. He is born. He reaches adolescence. He finds a job. He gets married. But of all the events that define men, there is one to which only few are counted worthy to attain: growing a beard.

Those who have this ability may have different reasons to do so. Some grow a beard to impress women. Others wish to look refined and masculine to their acquaintances. And others simply want to improve their personal style. These are all legitimate and powerful reasons to grow a beard. But actually taking the steps to grow your beard out and look incredible can feel overwhelming.

This is natural for the beginner. But at Noble Grooming, we don’t want you to be a beginner: we want you to be a true bearded Nobleman. So we’ve broken down the beard growing process into three simple phases: Looming, Blooming and Grooming. And we’ve prepared the following brief roadmap to guide you through each stage—from bearded beginner to true man. Let’s get started.


Step One: Looming

Starting A Beard

The first and most important in growing a beard step happens before you have one at all. It is the simplest, and yet the hardest step: stop shaving. Growing a beard will take commitment. It will take time. But so does anything a man does that’s worth doing. Every bearded man has once taken this step. To achieve what they have, you must take the steps they did.

Of course, your mettle will be tested. Can you stand the scorn of the clean-shaven as they mock your unkempt look? Can you endure their taunts about "trying to grow a beard"? They are, of course, simply jealous: the unenlightened simply fear the unknown. But you know the end goal: a lush, glorious beard that is the envy of men and the desire of women. Keep it in mind as you endure this phase—this, too, shall pass.


Step Two: Blooming

Growing Beard

Once you’ve ceased that uncivilized act of scraping away your most dignified feature, your true bearded journey begins. Real men trim their beards, not shave them off. But it’s natural to ask: how long until I go from a ‘shaver’ to a ‘trimmer’? Our answer: stop shaving or trimming for at least 4 weeks—including your neck. By doing so, your beard will grow more evenly and will look thicker, fuller and manlier. But if you simply cannot stop shaving your neck, we suggest cutting the bottom beard line 1 to 2 inches below your jawline.

Now, as unashamed champions of good form, allow us to give you a quick tip: don’t cut your beard neckline off at the jawline. Let’s face it—it’s unnatural, it’s not good beard etiquette, and frankly, it looks silly. Instead, follow our noble rule for beard edging: if it’s parallel to the ground, or on your face, don’t shave it.


Step Three: Grooming

Grooming Beard

Now, having spent four weeks growing out your beard, you will finally have something which can be trimmed or shaped. It can be overwhelming to think about how to trim, what to trim, and so on. We know that. So that’s why we’ve written an article on how to trim your beard, and it comes with our strong recommendations to every bearded gentleman. Our gift to you.

At this point, you may also begin to encounter some true bearded tribulations: face itching, dandruff and dry skin. One way to combat these annoyances is to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner, one to two times a week, whilst showering. But a more effective way to eliminate beard issues is to use beard oil. Beard oils mimic your natural skin oils, and give you beard the nutrients it needs to become majestic. A high quality oil also helps to reduce any dry skin and face irritation you may be experiencing. So if you’re afflicted by any of these ailments, try using one. If you want more information, see our guide: What Is Beard Oil?


The Rewards of Perseverance

In summary, then, growing a beard will take work and patience. There will be trials you must endure, and you may sometimes feel like giving up. but endure, and you will find that growing your beard is extremely rewarding and worthwhile. And once you have a beard that looks, smells and feels amazing—and you're inundated with comments about how good you look—you’ll understand what true manhood feels like. So stick with it, nobleman. You won’t regret it. Protection Status

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